Snapchat, an App Like No Other

New communication technology has not necessarily changed Snapchat, however, Snapchat has certainly changed it. Snapchat has spread like a wildfire across the globe. People all over the world can communicate with this app. With 100 million daily users and growing, it is no wonder this app has changed the way we communicate.

From simply just sending a bad quality photo to instant video chatting, this app has come such a long way in aiding communication technology. It is estimated that everyday there are 9,000 snaps sent per second. That is 540,000 snaps a minute. I can’t even begin to tell you how many that is in the time it took me to write this blog post. It is without a doubt a fact that humans are communicating in some way every second of every day, and to realize that this app is one of the major ways they do is pretty mind-blowing. Snapchatting is a unique modern way of communication as well. People today are all about instant gratification, and with Snapchat you get that. You can send and receive pictures in just seconds. Why text your friend describing your new haircut, when you can just snap them a pic, or multiple?

As far as competition goes, there have been a few contenders who have tried to compete with ever so popular Snapchat. Let’s face it, with their success, who wouldn’t want to replicate or even try to improve this app? An app called Yovo was introduced in 2015, that has similar features to Snapchat. A major difference between the two apps, is that Yovo prohibits screenshots. When you go to take a screenshot on this app, a distortion wave occurs, causing the photo to blur. So for those who are sick of their double-chinned funny face snaps being screenshotted by their so called friends, this app might work for you. Another app, that is similar goes by the name of Cyberdust. This app allows more than just pictures, messages, and videos to be sent. With Cyberdust, you can send URLS, GIFs, and even stickers. Like Snapchat, these all disappear in a matter of seconds. This app is available for Android and iPhone, unlike Yovo, which is just strictly iPhone for now. These apps are firly new and not too popular, but who knows, maybe they’ll catch on!

As much as creators try to replace it, Spapchat is honestly a one of a kind app. This app has dozens of features all in one, where as other apps only include few or less features. Most importantly, Snapchat allows you to take pictures and videos. Snapchat allows you to chat or message which is a convenient aspect, because it is not always an opportune time to take a picture or video. This app allows you to add effects and filters to your video or photo. This app can show the temperature and even speed you are traveling. Snapchat allows you to view your friends’ stories, so in a way that is like its ‘newsfeed’ section. Applying to news, Snapchat now has a world news section. A more recent feature snapchat has introduced is the video chat feature. This allows you to live video chat your friends directly from the app. So you see, Snapchat has so many awesome features that make it hard to even close out the app.

“Storage Full” is an all too common message most iPhone users see on their phones. I know I’m guilty of seeing this message pop up and then debating on which pictures or apps I’m going to have to make the sacrifice and delete. But what if Snapchat took place of some of those apps? Insetad of having the Facetime or Skype apps used to video chat, use Snapchat because it’s already built in. That saves you 2 apps right there. What about photo editing apps? Need 3 photo and 2 video editing apps on your phone? Not anymore. Just use the funny effects and color filters Snapchat has to offer. Also, you can go ahead and delete that WeatherBug app off your phone, because all you have to do is slide left a few times on your Snapchat photo and you’ll know your current temperature. Now, I’m not saying Snapchat should be the only app one should have on their phones, but it is extremely versatile and multipurpose.

Snapchat has changed the world we live in dramatically. This technology has for sure altered our behavior. No matter where we go we feel obligated to show our entire friends list what we are doing. One of the most popular dramatic changes society has underwent with Snapchat is the act of going to a concert. A trend Snapchat influenced is the constant recording of video clips at a concert or gig. From the ride to the venue, to the actual concert, to the journey home, the process of a concert is recorded. So many have focused on recording for all to see on their Mystories, that they are not even engaged in the concert. Concerts went from being a sea of fans having the time of their lives, to being a sea of cell phones. I am guilty of this. I feel like I am obligated to record what I am doing, especially at a concert. It is like Snapchat’s users need the validation of other people, for one to really experience an event. Whether your Mystory is 40 seconds long, or your MyStory is 600 seconds long, we are all guilty of wanting to show off our experiences to the world.

Snapchat has also changed the behavior norms of elite celebrities. These celebrities can now be verified and easier to find on the app. Back in the day the most you knew about a celebrity was what you heard from TMZ, now you get a sneak peek into the life of fame. Just today I watched actress and singer, Selena Gomez, post videos of her car ride in Paris. Many of her adoring fans were attacking her car , all while she was just hanging out laughing at the situation while eating a Big Mac from Mcdonald’s. Before Snapchat, how would we even know that Selena Gomez enjoyed her fans swarming her, or better yetm if she even liked Big Macs? We really wouldn’t. This is why celebrities have become so much more than the red carpet events and paparazzi following them around. Celebrities now have an outlet to be themselves in the comforts of their own phones.

Overall, Snapchat is a highly exceptional app. With little to no competition, I think this app will continue prevailing in our society. I know personally, this is my favorite app by far. I can’t wait to make a picture of my newest blog entry as my Snapchat story!




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